HOMCOS:Searching Contact Molecules with Query Protein

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This service generates a list of contacting molecules with similar proteins to a given query protein. It is useful to know potential interacting molecules and 3D-modellable molecular pairs. It also generates potential contacing sites for a given query protein.

You can input a protein sequence by four ways: protein ID, amino acid sequence, PDB_ID + Chain_ID, or uploading your PDB file.

Protein Sequence ID
(UniProt:ID/AC, INSDC/RefSeq:protein_id)
(CDK3_HUMAN, Q00526, AAV40830.1, NP_001249.1)
Amino acid sequence (one letter)
PDB PDB_ID:(1fin, 4hhb,...) CHAIN_ID:(A, B, ...)
Upload your PDB file

Calculate position specific amino acid frequencies to guess effects of mutations(If you chose "no", you can finish in a short time.): no yes
Use precalculated BLAST and PSSM: no yes

The sequence search is performed by BLAST.
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