HOMCOS : Searching and Modeling of 3D Structures of Complexes

3D model view
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Viewer of model and template 3D structures
We employ the common interface program "3D model viewer"(model3D.cgi) for displaying 3D structure of complex 3D structures and models provided by HOMCOS server. When you click the icon in search results of the HOMCOS serice, the 3D model viewer is shown.

A folloing figure is the 3D model viewer for the model of CDKL1_HUMAN and CCNB1_HUMAN using 5hq0 as a template, by the service "Modeling Complex 3D Strucutreof Hetero Protein Multimer".

Icons in the left

Table of molecules

Alignments of the query protein and the template protein are shown. These alignments are basicaly generated by the BLAST program. The line "SecStr" is for secondary structure of the template, the line "ExpBur" is for exposed("e") or buried("b") states of the template. The line "Contact" shows contact sites of the molecule. For example, the alphabet b shows a contact site with the molecule b, that is indicated in the "mark" column in the table of molecules.
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