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PID QueryLength Homolgous Sequence in PDB UniProt Query TITLE
1692631 63 6 P59634(NS6_SARS) RecName: Full=ORF6 protein; Short=ORF6;AltName: Full=Accessory protein 6;AltName: Full=Non-structural protein 6; Short=ns6;AltName: Full=Protein X3;
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UniProt Feature Tables [P59634(NS6_SARS)]

region name description
1-63 CHAIN /note="ORF6 protein" /id="PRO_0000106134"
54-63 REGION /note="Critical for disrupting nuclear import"

pdb_id a1 identity[%]2 description
7vpg J 100.0 NS6_SARS ORF6 protein
1.a1:asym_id for the homologue. 2.identity[%]2:sequence identity between the query and the homologue.
63 pdb_id contact mol homologue
a3 description a4 identity[%]5 Ncon6 description
7f90[2] C RAE1L_HUMAN mRNA export factor[328 aa] A 100.0
NS6_SARS ORF6 protein
7vpg[4] A RAE1L_HUMAN mRNA export factor[341 aa] I 100.0
NS6_SARS ORF6 protein
7vpg[2] F NUP98_HUMAN Isoform 3 of Nuclear pore complex protein Nup98-Nu.. K 100.0
NS6_SARS ORF6 protein
3.a3:asym_id for the contact molecule. 4.a4:asym_id for the template homologue. 5.identity[%]5:sequence identity between the query and the template homologue only for the contact residues. Number after the slash / is sequence identity for all the aligned region. 6.Ncon6:number of aligned contact residues for the query. Number after the slash / is number of contact residues in the template homologue.