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threshold chemical similarty
(tanimoto coefficient)
[0.5] [0.6] [0.7] [0.8] [0.9] [1.0] max number of compounds [1] [5] [10] [20] [30] [40] [50]

Chosen similar compounds

compound similarity compound similarity compound similarity compound similarity compound similarity
query [D01035]
[2D] [3D]
*** CU90.409 TC90.385 TUB0.385 KYL0.353
G7R0.344 34G0.333 K0F0.333 RO00.328 IYM0.328

Proteins contacting with similar compounds to the query

Nrank Protein Nresidue pdb_id+asym_id
1 L7QJE0_9POXV DNA repair NTP-phosphohydrolase 204 [G7R]:7t7h_A_E
2 L7QJE0_9POXV DNA repair NTP-phosphohydrolase 195 [G7R]:7t7h_B_F
3 PPARG_HUMAN Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma 258 [RO0]:2fvj_A_C
4 RL3R2_HUMAN Relaxin-3 receptor 2 281 [IYM]:7yk7_C_F
5 ACHB_TETCF Acetylcholine receptor subunit beta 406 [TC9]:7sms_C_M
6 Q8I3U6_PLAF7 40S ribosomal protein uS11 127 [34G]:3j7a_P_PC [34G]:6okk_P_WC
7 ACHD_TETCF Acetylcholine receptor subunit delta 425 [TC9]:7sms_B_M [TC9]:7sms_B_L
8 ACHG_TETCF Acetylcholine receptor subunit gamma 409 [TC9]:7sms_E_M [TC9]:7sms_E_U [TC9]:7smt_E_T
9 btDPP4 714 [KYL]:8hay_A_E [KYL]:8hay_B_F [KYL]:8hay_C_G
10 A0R206_MYCS2 ATP synthase subunit a 207 [BQ1]:7jga_I_EA [BQ1]:7jga_I_DA [BQ1]:7jgc_A_M [BQ1]:7jgc_A_N [BQ1]:7njv_J_M
11 ACHA_TETCF Acetylcholine receptor subunit alpha 387 [TC9]:7sms_A_M [TC9]:7sms_A_L [TC9]:7sms_D_R [TC9]:7sms_D_U [TC9]:7smt_D_T
12 Q8WSF8_APLCA Soluble acetylcholine receptor 203 [CU9]:3peo_A_K [CU9]:3peo_A_L [CU9]:3peo_B_L [CU9]:3peo_C_M [CU9]:3peo_D_M [CU9]:3peo_D_N [CU9]:3peo_E_N [CU9]:3peo_E_K [CU9]:3peo_F_O [CU9]:3peo_F_P [CU9]:3peo_G_O [CU9]:3peo_H_Q [CU9]:3peo_I_Q [CU9]:3peo_I_R [CU9]:3peo_J_P [CU9]:3peo_J_R [TC9]:2xyt_B_K [TC9]:2xyt_C_K [TC9]:2xyt_D_L [TC9]:2xyt_E_L [TC9]:2xyt_F_M [TC9]:2xyt_G_M [TC9]:2xyt_G_N [TC9]:2xyt_H_O [TC9]:2xyt_H_N [TC9]:2xyt_I_O [TUB]:3pmz_D_S [TUB]:3pmz_E_S
13 I0RTF3_MYCPH F0F1 ATP SYNTHASE SUBUNIT C 86 [BQ1]:4v1f_A_E [BQ1]:4v1f_A_E [BQ1]:4v1f_A_E [BQ1]:4v1f_A_D [BQ1]:4v1f_A_D [BQ1]:4v1f_A_D [BQ1]:4v1f_B_E [BQ1]:4v1f_B_E [BQ1]:4v1f_B_E [BQ1]:4v1f_C_J [BQ1]:4v1f_C_J [BQ1]:4v1f_C_J [BQ1]:7jg8_L_U [BQ1]:7jg8_L_V [BQ1]:7jg8_M_W [BQ1]:7jg8_M_V [BQ1]:7jg8_N_W [BQ1]:7jg8_N_X [BQ1]:7jg8_O_Y [BQ1]:7jg8_O_X [BQ1]:7jg8_P_Y [BQ1]:7jg8_P_Z [BQ1]:7jg8_Q_AA [BQ1]:7jg8_Q_Z [BQ1]:7jg8_R_AA [BQ1]:7jg8_T_U [BQ1]:7jg9_L_U [BQ1]:7jg9_L_V [BQ1]:7jg9_M_U [BQ1]:7jg9_M_W [BQ1]:7jg9_N_W [BQ1]:7jg9_N_X [BQ1]:7jg9_O_X [BQ1]:7jg9_Q_Y [BQ1]:7jg9_R_Y [BQ1]:7jg9_R_Z [BQ1]:7jg9_S_Z [BQ1]:7jg9_S_AA [BQ1]:7jg9_T_V [BQ1]:7jg9_T_AA [BQ1]:7jga_L_DA [BQ1]:7jga_L_JA [BQ1]:7jga_M_DA [BQ1]:7jga_O_EA [BQ1]:7jga_P_EA [BQ1]:7jga_P_FA [BQ1]:7jga_Q_FA [BQ1]:7jga_Q_GA [BQ1]:7jga_R_HA [BQ1]:7jga_R_GA [BQ1]:7jga_S_HA [BQ1]:7jga_S_IA [BQ1]:7jga_T_JA [BQ1]:7jga_T_IA [BQ1]:7jgc_D_M [BQ1]:7jgc_D_S [BQ1]:7jgc_E_M [BQ1]:7jgc_G_N [BQ1]:7jgc_H_O [BQ1]:7jgc_H_N [BQ1]:7jgc_I_O [BQ1]:7jgc_I_P [BQ1]:7jgc_J_Q [BQ1]:7jgc_J_P [BQ1]:7jgc_K_Q [BQ1]:7jgc_K_R [BQ1]:7jgc_L_S [BQ1]:7jgc_L_R [BQ1]:7njv_B_M [BQ1]:7njv_C_M